Committees and Working Groups

Our current committees and working groups are:

Customer Service and Communications Committee

Mission Statement: To discuss and share information and experiences on programs, methods and procedures to provide best-in-class customer service and communications.

Distributed Generation Committee

Mission Statement: Provide a forum for utility personnel to clarify and share information related to generator interconnection requirements and procedures. Information would include interpretation of federal, regional (ISO-NE) and state policies and procedures.

Distribution Reliability Committee

Mission Statement: Promote the reliable performance of our distribution electric power systems through the exchange of reliability measurement data; sharing of performance experiences; and documenting approaches to sustain or improve system reliability.

ECNE Board of Directors

The governing body of the Council, seats are allocated 1 per Full Member Company to Investor Owned Utilities.

Education Advisory Committee

Mission Statement: Determine and develop a curriculum of technical and engineering educational materials that meet the needs of ECNE member companies and provides a learning environment of shared experiences.

Electric Distribution System Operators Training Committee

Mission Statement: Provide a forum for electric distribution system operators to discuss best practices, conduct roundtable discussions and to establish a training curriculum for new electric distribution operators.

Emergency Preparedness Committee 

DRAFT Mission Statement: To provide a forum for electric utilities and state/federal agencies to share information about their processes, procedures, policies and regulations, etc., which impact emergency operations in an effort to improve emergency preparation and response through awareness and collaboration.

Employee Safety & Utility Operations Committee

Safety Mission Statement: To share information on successful programs, new concepts and regulatory developments in the areas of safety and occupational health.
Operations Mission Statement: To share knowledge with all members to achieve the most efficient, cost effective and safe operations of our transmission and distribution systems.

Human Resources Committee

Mission Statement: The mission of the ECNE Human Resources Committee is to serve as a collaborative network of HR professionals who share information to shape and address future HR direction and who promote the utility industry as a viable career path to the future workforce.

Leadership Task Force (Part of Human Resources Committee)

Mission Statement: To oversee the curriculum provided in ECNE's Leadership I and II Programs and to serve as Conference Leaders for the program.

Joint Use Committee

A discussion group where members share information on best practices relative to inter-company operating procedures (IOP's) and other issues concerning the joint use and joint ownership of poles.

Labor Relations Committee

Mission Statement: To share information on current labor relations topics, challenges, contract negotiations, work practices, human resource policies, grievances and arbitrations.

Meter and Revenue Protection Committee

Mission Statement: To study the methods and technical characteristics used in the measurement of electrical power and energy, to share information and experiences relative to metering security, to monitor and discuss innovative metering technology, techniques and applications.

Security Committee 

Mission Statement: To share collective knowledge, experience, skills and resources to enable all to strengthen the cyber security posture of their organizations.

Standards and Specifications Committee

Mission Statement: Formerly a working group of the Transmission and Distribution Committee, this committee meets quarterly to share information pertaining to T & D equipment. They develop and maintain a reference library of equipment guidelines and share various company specifications and information on equipment performance.

Substation Equipment and Maintenance Committee

Mission Statement: To enable member utilities to share substation equipment and maintenance information to meet their immediate and important needs, identify current and common issues that utilities are experiencing and to create solutions by pooling together member utility resources into focused working groups.

Transmission and Distribution Committee

To discuss and consider the design, characteristics, use, operation and maintenance of overhead and underground transmission and distribution systems including specifically: standards and specifications and system reliability.

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